Property Management Services - What can First National Western Edge Property Management Team do for you?

At First National Real Estate Western Edge - We Put You First!

First National Real Estate have been market leaders across Australia for over 20 years and part of the reason is down to the simple fact that at
First National - we put you first! 

First National Real Estate Western Edge (FNWE) offer a complete specialised property management service for property investors. This service is backed by marketing services, systems and professional training offered by a large nationally recognised brand.

FNWE offer a large range of services to our many respected landlords. There are many reasons why FNWE should manage your investment property, including being well known for attention to detail.

For the care of your valuable asset, our service includes:
* establishment of an appropriate rent
* marketing of the rental property
* showing prospective tenants through the property
* receipt of applications and assessment of appropriate tenants

* discussion with Landlord of applicants
* completion of all relevant documentation required
* prepare a written inspection report with supporting photos at the commencement of each tenancy and ensure that a rental bond is lodged.
* conduct an inspection of the property when a tenant vacates, this is a standard procedure at First National Chinchilla.
* release bonds only when the condition of the property is deemed satisfactory.
* conduct routine Inspections during the tenancy and seek approval and organise important repairs and maintenance.
* process financial transactions with efficiency and receipt all monies received on your behalf.
* follow up of arrears in rental payments
* disbursement of rental payments regularly via cheque or deposited in an institution of your choice and sending statements in a timely manner
* payment of accounts
* organisation of and representation at tribunal hearings
* bond collection and the first 2 weeks' rent in advance prior to tenant moving into the property
* lodgement of Bond with the appropriate body
* personal service from property management team

By maintaining your asset in good repair and ensuring it is well presented, you will maximise rental income, reduce vacancy periods and attract a high standard of tenant. Vacant properties cost money and are a security risk.

We can assist you with all your property management needs, if you need any further information on our services please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email on | 07 4669 1966 or alternatively send us a message through the contact form below.

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