Suburb Profiles

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Chinchilla Shire

Chinchilla shire, is in the centre of the Western Downs, 3 ½ hours from Brisbane and Coastal facilities. Chinchilla is a predominately rural industry based shire, experiencing an increase in population and industry development through major energy projects associated with coal and gas exploration and associated power station development.  

The economy of the shire is largely reliant on primary production including beef and pork production, wool growing, horticulture and timber resources. Chinchilla also is home to a diverse range of agriculture, extractive and manufacturing industries. One of Chinchillas most significant industries is the melon. Almost 25% of Australians watermelons and rockmelons are grown in the area. As recognition of the importants of this industry the Biannual Chinchilla Melon Festival is held for 1 week in February every 2 years.

The town of Chinchilla was established in 1878 when the railway pushed west. Now the town has grown into an attractive, clean and progressive community of approximately 3,700 people. Chinchilla boasts a high standard of education, medical, recreational retail and professional services.

Kogan Creek Power Project

The Kogan Creek Power Project is a 750 megawatt coal fired power station and adjacent coal mine, being built near Chinchilla in south west Queensland. This $1.2 billion project is the most recent large-scale generation project to be developed in Queensland under the State Government’s Clean Energy Policy. Kogan Creek Power Project will be commissioned in September 2007, delivering  electricity to the national grid. Kogan Creek Power Station will be the largest single generating unit in Australia. It will operate as a base load station, generating electricity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.